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April 17, 2012
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CloverClub - Neil Lorne by Mifuu CloverClub - Neil Lorne by Mifuu

Name: Neil Lorne
Occupation: Food Section Management
Age: 23 ((In appearance, but Tanuki's are close to immortal))
Height/Weight: 5''7 / 119 lbs
Species: Tanuki
Birthday: November 23rd
Blood Type: O
Room Key: N/A: Event not available yet.

Polite | Well-Mannered | Mischievous | Backstabber | Ironic | Two-Faced

Neil, to most people, will seem like your regular gentlemen. He is polite and well-mannered and always treats guest as the most important of them all. He will be helping out quickly and will obey whatever demand the guest makes. Towards employee, he will also act all nice, allow breaks, deal with work schedule and, in general, act like the best superior you could ever hope to get.
Sadly, there's a big down side.
Neil never does anything if he doesn't already have some ideas in mind. If you find critters in your room, it's most probably his fault. Missing objects? Might also be one of his fault. A guy stumble in the girl's bathhouse? Probably also his fault. He LOVES playing pranks and act as if he is just SO INNOCENT and people usually buy his gentle stuff. If peopel thinks he did something, he will play the innocent act and try to get someone else blamed for his deeds.
The other manager knows better than to believe anything that guys says thought, which isn't going in his favor, to say the least, his disfavor. He will act blunt and Ironic towards the people who knows his downsides and will not hide how much of an act he plays when dealing with outsiders in front of people who know about his real intentions. He is somewhat vicious and greedy, he just loves money. Not for the currency, but for the shinyness and value others will bring to it. If you value something, make sure he doesn't know about it.

As much as Neil would love to have a very dramatic and sad story, he doesn't really get to be classified that way, I mean, it's sad in itself isn't it? He can't use a backstory to make people pity him, that's realll sad bro.
Anyway, Neil was born a regular raccoon dog like all other Tanuki's out there. Born and raised in a small village, close enough to the mountains. When you are a raccoon dog, you ain't necessarily a Tanuki, but Neil knew it almost from birth, he was special compared to the others, but when you are special, you just don't know how much you are or how. It's only a few years later, seeing how the other raccoon dog aged compared to him made him anxious. Death isn't something animal understand the concept of, but Neil could see that he wouldn't be following his comrades soon. There was just something that made him less animal-ish and he knew that, seeing how him and the other raccoon dog didn't always understand eachother.
Eventually, Neil had to go throught his first shapeshifting, kind of out of the blue too. He was running away from a home were he had stole some shiny object and he got himself really cornered. So cornered that the only way he could have gotten himself out of this mess, is by being something else. His first shapeshifting occured and he took the appearance of a human child... Quite easily in fact ! He just wished so hard that it happened, and after getting out of the mess, he turned back to a raccoon dog and hid. Understanding just how much different he was then his friends and familly. Noone else could do these sort of things.

Some more time passed, he had no one else he knew around him anymore, child of past friends had their own childs now and he was getting older without aging. The other raccoon dogs didn't care less about that, they had no concept of time and life or death, but he grew tired of it. It's around the time he started to get tired of being different that he got a message. A small cat, clad in black with two tail's came to him with a message.

-'' The lady would like to offer you work''

The lady? What lady. Much intrigued by this and with nothing to lose or miss, he decided to follow the cat to that said Lady, but as soon as they got into the hotel's territory, the two-tailed cat vanished.
Neil ended up lost and searching the mountain for a few days without being able to find any sign of life before finding the CloverClub. He was starving, and luckily for him, some of the employees found him near the hotel's door and fed him, caring for him as if they knew that he had been invited by the lady of the house. He was told many things before he regained all of his strenght and was taught many other things about the place. He got to see the Lady once by chance, she was smiling at him, but that's all he ever saw from her.

The old head of the food department had taught him all about it's future managing position. All he knows about etiquette and human speach is also thank to the guy. Neil wasn't always a prankster either, but that his something he learnt to do after a while. It's in his nature after all to devellop such trickery. The first time he thought of that was probably because he had seen two little devils play tricks on people and found it curiously amusing, and tried doing the same. And you just KNOW when you find yourself a hobby that will last a lifetime~

Up to this day, Neil is very loyal and dedicated to the hotel. Somehow, the place is so very mysterious and enchanting, he can't help love the place. Leaving would never be something he would think about. Wether he was trapped or not. He just wished he could see the lady more, the biggest mystery of this place.

♥ Pulling pranks on people ((so much that he sometimes have way too elaborated pranks))
♥ Teasing the Hotel staff ((Noel))
♥ Teasing everyone ((not as much as the actual staff thought))
♥ He actually likes calligraphy and tea.
♥ He likes company even thought he makes everyone hate him //attention whore

✖ Solitude. He wouldn't be able to STAND being alone for too long.
✖ Other Tanuki's. They can figure him out too easily ffff it's no fun.
✖ Getting orders from the headmaster ( He works there, but it,s never fun to get orders).
✖ Having to deal with any affairs outside his management area.
✖ Not having a ghost or spirit partner in crime... What? They make good prankster friends alright !

Additional Facts:
♚ He doesn't wear his working outfit a lot.
♚ He Shapeshifts quite a lot, maybe too much.
♚ In human form, he isn't allowed to have all of his trinckets around like the Sake bottle ot the straw hat, he has to leave them in his room.
♚ NEVER go near his room, there's too many booby traps anyway.
♚ So far in life, he never had any romantic feelings and don't think he ever will, love is just not his thing. It's not fun, it's too dramatic and well, it's just too much work.

Neil Lorne (c) Mine
Template (c) *Loveno
#TheCloverClub (c) *Loveno
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