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June 30, 2012
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LoR App - .: Yue :. by Mifuu LoR App - .: Yue :. by Mifuu
OMG GUYS SOB somany groups aaaaa ;^;
Also, otl OTL I feel wierd for doing so, but I decided to use one of the adopts I got, this one from =Pajuxi/*Kiwi-adopts, because I had no idea what to do as a character, I might post all my sketches in scrap afterwards because I sketched stuff like crazy. Seriously ahahah;;; So yeah.

Also sorry if the art looks crappier then usual, I fell ill but still had to finish this in time OTL otherwise I would have gotten punted, I know it //:iconlazycryplz:
Now I'm just going to go die in a corner and hope this is fine SOB

Name: Yue Ieno
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 5''4 ft / 162.56 cm

Human. He doesn't like being a normal human tho and tries to impersonate other things. Such is the reason why he will also be found often with fake ears clipped onto hir hair or fake tails. But mostly just fake ears, he doesn't want to damage his clothings by clipping something on them.

Weapons/Magic: For now, none, but eventually...
He owns chained clawed-Cestus. Which is basically metal claw gloves that are linked using a long chain. The chain on the claws can also be used as a small chained weapon or to grab things, altho not effectively.
Will link an image later

Cause of death:
He got devoured by a bear. It had just moved to the nearby zoo in which he was working and got attacked while he was cleaning the cage. That is pretty lame to die like this, but then again he hadn't been cautious and he didn't run away either when the bear stood in front on him and attacked him.
On his body, you can find big biting marks. It's also why he wears a mask. Part of his chin and lower mouth have been chopped off.

Yue's history is quite simple. His familly lived in a smallhouse in a small ubanised town close to some big city. Basiclly, the place he grew up was pretty calm. His parent got him a bit late so they are more calm and strict, so the rules where harsh at home but he sort of just assumed everything was like that for everyone and accepted them wihtout much rebelling. He went to school and his just fresh out of secondary school now. He was supposed to go to college after the summer but while he was working in a close by zoo, he died.
He was cleaning the cage for the new bear that was supposed to arrive that day, but he missed the schedule it seems. He ended up being in the cage with the bear and he got attacked by it. Simple as that. The guards pulled his body out of the cage, but he was damaged to a point of no return. He then ended up where he is now, in the afterlife. Or so he supposed is the afterlife no matter what is being told. At best, he'll accept the current reality anyway.

Will to Live: 65%
Yue doesn't actually sound like someone with much will to live. But he does, inside, desire to live. Probably not as intently as others are, but he do. His laid back attitude however and somewhat pessimism keeps him from getting overly motivated for it. He sorts of accept what happens to him whatever happens. Which is also one of the reason why he didn't run when he saw the bear, he just assumed that this was how he was going to end. And he did die, but ended up here.

Choice 1 - Right
Choice 2 - Right
Choice 3 - Left he forgot his initial direction, my bby is a loser
Choice 4 - Left

He will probably seem like a very boring person, but he's got no character. He accepts everything as it goes without questioning why things happen. They just do and he deals with them his own way. Wether it be happy or sad, he takes it, assuming that if t happened, it needed to happen. He can enjoy things like food and video games, but you rarely see him smiling or having emotions at all.
Yue is still somewhat social, and will talk to people, get into conversations, do outings and all. Accepting and not reacting to things doesn't make him less different. Just, a bit awkward to be with because he won't really act overjoyed whensomethign good happen, and he is less able to be the person to cheer up sad people. I guess he also lacks empathy in that way. It doesn't happen to him, so there,s nothing to assume or deal with.
He also has a wierd liking to idealising himself being more than what he is. He doesn,t like being a human, altho this doesn't mean he doesn't like living. He would loev being able to be something else, anything else and often imagine himself with animal traits. Traits and capacity related to animals he likes and relates in their overall characteristic. ((I guess he's a furry LOL ? idk))

♥ Warm and hot food and fruit juice.
♥ Life.
♥ Playing Video games.
♥ Visualising himself being more than just human. (fake ears and tails)

✖ Cold food and ice cream.
✖ People with too many ticks even if he also has many.
✖ Life.
✖ Boredom, even if he accepts this as somethign that can happen.

Fun facts:
◊ He bites his nail constantly, often making his fingers bleed.
◊ He has detachable ears and tails, but he mainly wears his fake ears.
◊ Yue takes really good care of his clothing and his hair.
◊ He doesn't mind his shortness for a boy. Teasing him about it won't make him flinch or pout or anything because he accepts the fact that he is smaller than normal boys.

Preferable RP methods: I tend to forget notes and I'm slow in comments //SOB But I do rp better using skype so if you want to rp, note me and we'll discuss it or it can be with comments, I'm just slower with them because they stack fast ahah;;;;
Most active day: I would have to say Thuedays, Saturday and Sunday.
Country: I live in Canada, GMT - 3

Character design and bought from (c) =Pajuxi
Character now belongs to me (c) Mine
Possible modifications by me (c) Mine

Template (c) *psyAlera
#Left-or-Right (c)*psyAlera
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